Four Corners Paranormal Investigations

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Why you should choose F.C.P.I.?

We at F.C.P.I. do not charge for any paranormal investigations! We feel it is our mission to give a voice to the voiceless, whether living or deceased and to bring peace to the home, land and business owner/tenant. As founder of F.C.P.I. I am excited to aid you in your paranormal journey, whatever it may be. 

My first paranormal encounter happened to me before I could retain the memory. I have encountered many ghosts, messengers, guardians, natural entities, alien craft, paranormal entities and alien craft throughout my life. I have kept my experiences closely guarded my whole life for fear of ridicule.


I decided to share my experience in this field to help others in my community and beyond cope and better understand the paranormal. It is also my goal to help those on the other side find peace, gain freedom, return home or co-exist with the mortals in their life(afterlife). Stop struggling with the paranormal in your home, at work and your everyday lives. Let us help you find the answers!



Tessa N Thomas-Peterson, F.C.P.I. Founder & Director


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Donate $50 to our cause and get your very own personalized F.C.P.I. T-shirt!

When you've made your donation make sure you give us your preferred first name, size and shipping address and we will have it shipped to you within the week.


* Largest size is a mens 3X